Friendship is a precious gift that adds a huge value to our lives. It offers us a sense of belonging and support. Personally I feel so much love for my friends. I am more than grateful for all the friends and love I have in my life – all over the world. I am proud to call my true friends family, my chosen family. Friendship is built on wonderful shared experiences, trust, and understanding and I could go on forever sharing experiences – beautiful and sometimes not so beautiful – but I am grateful for every single moment.

One of the most valuable aspects of real friendships is the emotional support friends can offer. True friends are there for us through all phases of our lives, in good and in bad times. They listen, offer a shoulder to cry on, give advice and times of need, they offer unconditional support and help us get through difficult times and situations. Their presence simply makes us feel less alone in our struggles. Personally I experienced a period of illness and struggle and I don’t know how I would have survived emotionally, without all of this wonderful support.

Real friendships also help a lot in our personal growth and development. Friends challenge us to become better versions of ourselves. They can encourage us to step out of our comfort zones, follow our passions, and to just go for it. They provide constructive feedback, different perspectives, and push us into new challenges. With their support and being our cheerleader, we can feel so much stronger and motivated to reach our goals, and become the best versions of ourselves.

Next to emotional support friendship brings us so much fun time and happiness. Spending time with friends brings along lots of benefit. We can relax together, have fun, and create lasting memories – whether it’s about sharing hobbies, going on adventures, or simply enjoying each other’s company. You know you have a true friend if he or she can celebrate your success, share your joys, and step up for you unconditionally. For me friends offer a safe space where I can be myself, there is no pretending or false play. Real friends understand us on a deeper level and accept us for who we truly are! And why pretend? Your true self will always show with time.

All in all, to sum it up, friendship offers emotional support, personal growth, joy, and a sense of belonging. Real friendship enriches our lives in countless ways and it is important to always nourish your friendships. Don’t take them for granted and don’t forget to tell your friends as much as you can how much you love them!!!


my name is Caroline, I’m a single mom with a US/German background, working every day on creating and living my best life. I am here to offer you guidance and 100% support in finding the best version of yourself!