Finding or even better living your purpose in life, is the reason of true fulfillment and meaning in life. The Japanese call it ikigai – it is what makes you jump out of bed every morning full of joy and what inspires and keeps you going.

In order to find your true purpose, you will have to understand your passion, your values und interests. If you have these figured out properly you can direct them into the right direction of your actions and your goals. You will be living a meaningful life and follow a clear direction.

Do you know this feeling of being a bit restless, your motivation and energy level is low and some mornings you just don’t want to get out of bed? There you are. You are not on the right track. You probably pushed away your dreams and goals, trying to survive everyday life. This doesn’t have to be negative – you can have a decent job, wonderful kids, a kind spouse – but you are not living your passion.

If you follow a clear direction and working towards something meaningful to you, you are on the right track. Your choices and everyday decisions will be in alignment with your values and your dreams. You will feel a sense of joy and fulfillment and every morning you will jump out of bed with a feeling of being able to conquer to world. The motivation will be on fire, and you will believe that there are no obstacles in your way – on the way to your personal growth and success!

I would love to be by your side on this wonderful journey of finding your purpose.


my name is Caroline, I’m a single mom with a US/German background, working every day on creating and living my best life. I am here to offer you guidance and 100% support in finding the best version of yourself!