Manager Coaching

Manager Coaching

Let`s create new habits and routines that help you optimize your productivity in your business and to find more quality time in your private life!

I aim to cover the following areas in our sessions to enable you to be a better person:

Healthy eating
Sleep routine and patterns
Body feeling and appearance
Declutter your mind and home space

By improving and adjusting the above areas we can then look at the following questions

Together I believe that we can create new routines, for you to become more productive allover and enjoy the benefits in your work- and private life.
I am here to share, motivate and work with you through every single step and accompany your journey.

My packages

Zuma Beach

6 sessions of 60 mins each
800 Euros

First session is simply spent getting to know you and covers all areas of your life. Second session we discuss how to create the best version of the person you want to be. The other four sessions are spent practicing routines. You will have my number to contact me once a week to discuss how you are doing.

Point Dume

10 sessions 60 mins each
1450 Euros

The same as Zuma Beach just with more time to spend on activities and personalising your routine as well as having a twice weekly follow up call to discuss.


my name is Caroline, I’m a single mom with a US/German background, working every day on creating and living my best life. I am here to offer you guidance and 100% support in finding the best version of yourself!